Pain-Free, Minimally-Invasive Treatment

Laser Therapy in Colorado Springs, CO

What Is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy uses advanced laser dental tools to provide fast, precise, and efficient treatment. At Tuttle Family Dentistry, Dr. Tuttle use the latest soft tissue and all-tissue lasers to provide superior results compared to traditional dental tools. Contact us now to learn more and see why we’re the best choice for laser therapy in Colorado Springs.

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Solea® All-Tissue Laser

Our Solea® All-Tissue Laser is powerful and versatile, and can be used for almost any dental treatment. It operates effectively both on hard tissue like enamel and on soft tissue like the gums, cheeks, and other oral tissues.

This laser is particularly useful for removing enamel and hard tooth tissue, which normally would require a dental drill. With our Solea® All-Tissue Laser there are no uncomfortable vibrations or the high-pitched whirring sound of a dental drill, which may cause anxiety in some patients.

With our advanced laser therapy options it’s easier than ever to get the care you need in Colorado Springs without fear, anxiety, or discomfort. Contact us now to get started!

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Laser Cold Sore Treatments

Laser cold sore treatments use a special hand-held laser that beams powerful light into your cold sore, killing the virus that causes the cold sore upon contact. Over time, the sore will fade and shrink, and become less painful and noticeable.

In addition, every time you get a laser cold sore treatment, the likelihood of the cold sore recurring in the same area will be reduced. Over time, repeated laser cold sore treatments will dramatically reduce your risk of developing new cold sores.