No Cut, No Sew, No Fear

LANAP Laser Therapy in Colorado Springs, CO

What is LANAP Laser Therapy?

LANAP laser therapy is a revolutionary technique for treating periodontal (gum) disease that uses a specialized PerioLase laser to carefully target infected tissue, leaving healthy tissue untouched. Not only does this make the treatment less invasive and less painful, it also promotes faster recovery. At your Colorado Springs dentist, we can help you restore your oral health and alleviate any discomfort caused by gum disease with LANAP laser therapy.

What are the Benefits of LANAP Laser Therapy?

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Less Invasive & More Precise

LANAP is less invasive than traditional gum surgery because it uses a specialized laser to remove only the infected tissue and bacteria, while leaving healthy tissue untouched. This allows for more precise procedures and less pain compared to traditional gum surgery procedures.

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Faster Healing & Tissue Regeneration

Moderate and advanced stages of periodontal disease can result in bone loss, and LANAP is the only treatment method that results in true regeneration of lost tissue. Also, because it doesn’t require cutting, sewing, or any invasive methods, LANAP therapy results in a faster, more comfortable healing process.

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Healthy Gums Mean a Healthy Smile

The PerioLase technology used in LANAP laser therapy allows for variable pulse rates, which means it can be used in a variety of ways to treat patients with periodontal disease. One setting targets and destroys the bacteria that cause gum disease. Another setting seals the site and promotes blood clotting, speeding up the healing process. For patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease, LANAP laser therapy can reduce the amount of treatments required for long-term results. It only takes one to two sessions, each lasting 2-3 hours, as opposed to traditional techniques which take eight to ten one-hour procedures, each with healing time in-between visits.