A root canal is a rather invasive procedure used to treat a badly infected tooth.

When the infection is left unchecked, the bacteria can multiply and eventually make its way down to the roots. The root canal procedure involves cleaning the inside of the tooth of all this infected tissue, including the very small chambers of the roots.

During the procedure, you won’t feel any discomfort, thanks to the anesthetic or even sedative. But you may begin to feel a bit of pain later on when the effects wear off.

But is that normal? Keep on reading to find out:

Why You May Feel Pain After a Root Canal

Cleaning the small chambers of the root can lead to a bit of irritation. This is most commonly the cause of post-procedural pain, but the good news is that it doesn’t last very long.

Pain is usually mild, and will go away in a few days after your root canal. Moreover, you can easily manage your symptoms with over-the-counter pain medication and even by applying a cold compress to your cheek.

Some patients may also experience pain because of the antibiotics applied to the tooth. In cases of severe infections, where the bacteria may have spread to the jaw, the dentist can apply antibiotics locally, then seal the tooth with a temporary filling. Usually, patients will experience some pain in the first few days, as their bodies continue to fight the infection.

When Is Pain After a Root Canal a Problem?

Pain after a root canal should go away in a few days. Even in the case of antibiotics, patients will usually experience relief in 3-4 days after getting the tooth treated.

However, if you notice your pain persists for a week or longer, and it seems to be getting even worse, you may need to see a dentist as soon as possible.

Sometimes, the dentist may not have been able to remove all the infected tissue during the root canal, in which case you are now experiencing a relapse in symptoms. Other times, the bacteria may have spread to other teeth or your jaw, in which case you’ll need more comprehensive treatment.

In any case, high levels of persistent pain are always a reason to seek immediate dental care. Ignoring your symptoms can lead to serious complications or even permanent tooth loss.

How Tuttle Family Dentistry Can Help

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