If you are getting ready to have a wisdom tooth extracted, you may be curious to find out what the recovery period entails and if there are any special considerations you need to keep in mind. And, if you are a physically active person, you may wonder when you can go back to the gym after an extraction. 

Here's what you need to know about exercising after wisdom tooth extraction plus other tips to keep in mind. 

Why It's Not Safe to Exercise After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction 

You may feel perfectly fine after a wisdom tooth extraction or think it's not that big of a deal, and you can go back to your routine immediately after. But, it's important to give your body time to heal and take the day off to rest and recover. 

But, more than that, you shouldn't exercise after wisdom tooth extraction because of the risk of developing a dry socket. 

After a tooth has been extracted, a blood clot forms on the extraction site. This clot plays a very important role as it protects the exposed bone and nerves. The clot will also help in the development of new tissue. 

If the clot gets dislodged, then the bone and nerves will be exposed, which can lead to intense pain, a foul smell, and an unpleasant smell in your mouth. You will also be able to see the bone if the blood clot gets dislodged. 

Exercising can increase the risk of dislodging the blood clot, which is why it's recommended that you take it easy for a while. 

When Can I Start Exercising Again? 

It usually takes between a week and ten days for the extraction site to heal and the blood clot to properly develop. It's best to avoid exercising during this period. You can go on a walk if you feel the need to move your body, but nothing too strenuous. 

After this period, you can start doing some low-impact exercises for a few more days just to give your body the proper time to fully recover. 

Other Recommendations 

In addition to not exercising after a wisdom tooth extraction, you should also: 

  • Avoid eating on the extraction site for a week
  • Eat soft foods like soups and mashed potatoes for about a week and avoid eating hard or chewy foods
  • Avoid drinking hot beverages like coffee or tea
  • Avoid alcohol for about a week

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