Most people who are covered by dental insurance have policies that renew at the end of every calendar year. If you are in this situation, the last months of the year are a good time to use your benefits and get the dental treatments or preventive dental care you need. 

Here's why.

Why Use Your Insurance Benefits

The number one reason why you should book dental appointments at the end of the year and not wait until next year to get dental procedures is that the yearly maximum resets at the end of the year (for policies that work on the calendar year, and not the fiscal one). The benefits you didn’t use and are still active won’t roll-over to the next year’s maximum, so take advantage of them while you still can.

Also, take into consideration that many dental offices are forced to raise their prices at the beginning of the year, because of increased overall costs related to their business. To prevent paying more for the same services, book them at the end of the year, rather than the first part of the year. 

Schedule Your Dental Appointments ASAP

As most dental insurance plans follow this system, it’s safe to say that many patients will have the same thing in mind for the last part of the year. 

It’s best to schedule a dental appointment sooner rather than later, as dentists do get busy around this time of the year, and might have free days for winter celebrations. 

What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

Of course, insurance plans can differ quite a lot, depending on what you negotiated with the insurance company. But most dental insurance policies cover preventive dentistry procedures (cleaning, sealing, check-ups), routine procedures like fillings, root canals or extractions, cosmetic procedures (bonding, veneers, crowns).

It’s important to check your insurance policy to see what exactly is covered and what requires a co-payment. Usually, preventive care is 100% covered by the policy, basic procedures are mostly covered by insurance (70-80%), while major interventions need a 50% co-payment. 

You should also check with your insurer to find out what your maximum is, as this represents the maximum amount insurance will cover during one year. If you have already exceeded that, you will have to wait for next year’s benefits to use your insurance. 

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