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“Looking For Teeth Whitening In Colorado Springs, CO?”

Teeth Whitening In Colorado SpringsYou deserve to treat yourself to teeth whitening in Colorado Springs at our dental office because as you age, you might notice that your teeth are just not as white as they used to be.

Everyday foods, staining beverages, certain medications, and lifestyle choices like tobacco use can all affect the color of your teeth. Your once bright, youthful smile might begin looking yellow, darker, and aged.

Fortunately, teeth whitening in Colorado Springs is more effective, affordable, and easier than ever.

At Tuttle Family Dentistry, we offer a wide variety of options to meet your needs and provide you with the brilliant smile of your youth.

Whether you want Colorado Springs teeth whitening for a special occasion such as a wedding, class reunion, or vacation or if you just want to look and feel better every day, we can help with one of our three professional teeth whitening options.

Your Colorado Springs Tooth Whitening Dentist Recommends Trèswhite Disposable Whitening Trays!

What could be easier than a whitening tray pre-loaded with a professional strength peroxide whitening gel and fluoride combination?

This unique formula provides excellent results while protecting your gums and strengthening your enamel with fluoride.

All it takes is one hour a day to achieve a whiter smile.

Simply place the thin trays in your mouth for sixty minutes and then throw them out when you’re done.

They are easy to use and incredibly affordable. Trèswhite is a great option for patients who want a brighter boost to their smiles and the best teeth whitening in Colorado Springs CO.

Custom Take-Home Professional Teeth Whitening In Colorado Springs:

We design our take-home professional teeth whitening system just for you by taking dental impressions for your custom trays.

Your trays will fit your teeth perfectly and keep your professional whitening gel where it belongs – on your teeth.

Our professional strength whitening gel will brighten your teeth gradually with each use.

Because your trays fit your teeth snugly, our custom whitening system helps to reduce sensitivity and sore gums.

We will take a before and after shade, so you can see your progress after teeth whitening in Colorado Springs, at home, conveniently, when it works for you!

We will provide detailed instructions on the use of your dental trays so you achieve the best results.

In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening In Colorado Springs:

For our patients who want instant results, we offer our ultra-convenient in-office teeth whitening option.

With our in-office teeth whitening, you can achieve your brightest smile in under an hour.

We offer different strengths to meet your lifestyle and level of sensitivity so that you can have a beautiful, white smile comfortably and in the shortest time possible.

This option is great for busy patients who don’t want to whiten their teeth over a couple of weeks and prefer instant results.

Come into our office for an hour of teeth whitening in Colorado Springs, and leave with a beautiful white smile!

Schedule An Evaluation For Teeth Whitening In Colorado Springs:

Are you interested in a whiter smile?

Call your dental office for an evaluation with Dr. Brian Tuttle or Dr. Robert Colt.

Our professional options for teeth whitening in Colorado Springs CO provides you the greatest results, so you can achieve your dream smile, call: (719) 282-6636