Digital Dental X-Rays

“Need Colorado Springs Digital Dental X-Rays?”

Colorado Springs Dental Xrays

Prevention is our first line of defense against dental conditions.

With regular exams and professional dental cleanings, we monitor changes in your health that can indicate a problem.

Both Drs. Tuttle and Colt record any changes they notice that could affect your oral health or the appearance of your smile. We can stop many dental conditions in their tracks when we catch them early.

One of the most beneficial tools available today in the early diagnosis of conditions such as decay, cracks, infection, fractured roots, and bone loss is the use of digital x-rays and intraoral imaging.

Colorado Springs Digital Dental X-Rays in Diagnosis:

With the introduction of digital x-rays in dentistry, diagnosis is not only quicker because the images appear directly on our computer monitors, but also more accurate because digital imaging is at a high resolution, revealing details previously unavailable through traditional radiography.

Similar to digital photos on your computer, we can adjust your x-rays by zooming in, changing the contrast, and adjusting exposure in order to view your x-rays with more detail and clarity. This allows for early, accurate diagnosis and the ability to treat your condition before it progresses.

Colorado Springs Digital Dental X-Rays and Safety:

In addition to higher resolution and accuracy, digital dental x-rays provide greater safety to our patients by limiting the amount of radiation exposure.

Dental x-rays in Colorado Springs, have always been among the lowest radiation used in medical diagnosis because they are extremely targeted and focus on a relatively small area.

At Tuttle Family Dentistry, we reduced the amount of radiation exposure by 80% with the implementation of digital imaging, making them safer than ever.

According to the American Dental Association, the exposure from digital dental x-rays in Colorado Springs is only a minor contributor to the average overall annual exposure, much of which comes naturally from the environment.

Because of their low radiation exposure and high accuracy, the benefits of digital imaging outweigh the risks and remain an essential tool in maintaining optimal oral health.

We take only the images necessary to diagnose and protect your smile and we are happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

Intraoral Imaging With Dental X-Rays In Colorado Springs:

In addition to digital dental x-rays, we use an intraoral camera to assist us in the diagnosis and patient education.

This small camera can take still photographs and video of your teeth and gums so that you can see what we see.

That way, when we share information with you about your condition, you can participate and completely understand your condition and treatment recommendations.

Intraoral imaging is useful for identifying cracks, fractures, wear, damaged restorations, periodontal (gum) conditions, recession, and lesions. We store these images in your records to monitor changes in your oral health.

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