"My professional philosophy is that I want to treat my patients the same way I would treat my family. I want to provide a relaxed environment where your family can feel comfortable about dental care. I want to provide you with information and treatment options available, and then support the decisions you make for you and your family's dental health."

- Dr. Brian Tuttle

Do you offer sedation dentistry?

We know that many of our patients have anxiety when it comes to dental treatment. You are not alone! We want to make each of your visits as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Our team is compassionate, friendly, and genuinely cares for your comfort. 

We understand, though, that sometimes that is not enough. That is why we offer two levels of sedation dentistry. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is mild form of sedation that relaxes you during treatment. Because it enters and leaves your system quickly, it is safe and you can drive yourself to your appointment. Nitrous oxide is safe for most patients of all ages. 

We also offer oral sedation using a medication called Halcion. This drug will put you in a drowsy state and has an amnesic effect, which means that you won't remember the details of your dental procedure afterward. We will schedule a separate appointment for you to sign the necessary consent forms and to discuss any potential side effects of the medication prior to your procedure.

We do not currently offer IV sedation.

If you have anxiety or fear of the dentist, tell us about it! Letting us know your concerns helps us to make you comfortable.

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