"My professional philosophy is that I want to treat my patients the same way I would treat my family. I want to provide a relaxed environment where your family can feel comfortable about dental care. I want to provide you with information and treatment options available, and then support the decisions you make for you and your family's dental health."

- Dr. Brian Tuttle

Are dental x-rays necessary?

We know that you probably want to get in and out of your appointment quickly and, sometimes, if you do not have pain or an obvious dental problem, you may wonder why you need to have x-rays.

The truth is that we would never recommend treatment to our patients that we would not recommend to our own family members. Because we use digital x-rays, you will not be in the dental chair for very long. When we take digital radiographs, they appear almost immediately on our computer monitors.

X-rays are an important part of diagnosis and treatment. While a visual exam is important, it does not help Dr. Tuttle to see what is happening inside your tooth, under your gum line, or between your teeth. X-rays allow us to see much more than our eyes alone. That allows us to diagnose your conditions early, saving you time and money in the future.

Their cost is affordable compared to the benefits they provide and because we use only digital x-rays, they are incredibly safe with up to 80% less radiation in most cases. We only take the x-rays necessary for accurate diagnosis and prevention in order to protect your smile!

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