"My professional philosophy is that I want to treat my patients the same way I would treat my family. I want to provide a relaxed environment where your family can feel comfortable about dental care. I want to provide you with information and treatment options available, and then support the decisions you make for you and your family's dental health."

- Dr. Brian Tuttle


ExtractionsWe believe in prevention and keeping you healthy and comfortable for a lifetime. Despite our best efforts to save your teeth, sometimes the best way to support your health is to remove a problem tooth. We do not take these decisions lightly and will always evaluate all possible options before we present them to you.

While facing an extraction can feel like a frightening experience, at Tuttle Family Dentistry, we have performed hundreds of successful extractions for our patients. We always focus on your comfort and treat you gently during your procedure. Both Dr. Tuttle and Dr. Colt are experienced and will make sure that your treatment is painless and goes as smoothly as possible.

Why Are Extractions Necessary?

You may require a dental extraction for a number of reasons. If your tooth has deep decay and nothing can save it, we may have no choice but to remove it in order to improve your health and prevent pain. Some other common problems include fractures, split teeth, failed root canals, crowding, severe gum disease, malformation, or preparation for orthodontic treatment.

Even if you do not currently have pain, leaving a severely decayed or infected tooth in your mouth may put your health at risk. Leaving a damaged tooth untreated can create a dental emergency situation when you least expect it.

Third Molar (Wisdom Teeth) Extractions

Wisdom teeth can create a serious challenge for some people. They often grow in at odd angles, cause discomfort, or have a difficult time erupting at all. Your wisdom teeth are the molars located at the very back of your mouth. Most people have four, but some people have fewer or none at all.

They are notoriously difficult to keep clean because they are so far back in your mouth and getting a toothbrush to all sides of those back teeth can be extremely difficult. Because of this, they are more susceptible to decay.

Wisdom teeth can also create problems with your bite by causing your other teeth to shift or by preventing your teeth from coming together correctly.

Even though it is a common procedure, not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth extracted. We will perform a full evaluation, complete with digital x-rays and imaging, in order to determine the health and viability of your wisdom teeth.

At Tuttle Family Dentistry, we avoid unnecessary procedures and will only make treatment recommendations that best support your health.

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